4" PVC Rain Gutter Gardening System - Building It!

Making a Plan - The Decisions

The water source is important.

Does it have to be filtered?  Is storage needed?

  • In the summer ~ the irrigation ditch occasionally goes off.  So there would be a need to store some water. Plus the ditch has dirt and wonderful things floating in the water.  All those things would plug up a small water line.
  • In the winter ~ in the greenhouse, which is year round, we have containers and all of the water is filtered.  

What is being grown?

Interested in learning more about root requirements?  Go here

  • Larger root requirements
    • tomatoes
    • cucumbers
  • Smaller root requirements
    • peppers
    • eggplants
    • zucchini
    • Oregon snap peas
    • yellow snap beans
    • and more!

What kind of support is needed?

Want to dream?  Check out these pictures!

  • Trellis for peas and tomatoes
  • A way to keep the pots on the RGGS

What type of Rain Gutter Gardening System is going to be used - or is it a mix?

Oh the possibilities!  To learn about each one click on the name.

  • Kiddie Pools
  • Open Rain Gutter
  • PVC 4"
  • PVC 3"