Gardening for me is a passion, not an interest.  An interest I can explore now and then a passion, to me, is exploring every single minute of the day.  I have had several people ask me what to do and how I created my garden.  So..... I decided to document and let people explore and learn by my adventures.  Some adventures worked out beyond my dreams others... not so much.

My garden is broken into sections (not in order of importance)

  1. The Yard
  2. The Soil Garden
  3. Rain Gutter Gardening
  4. The Greenhouse 

The Yard

The yard is our sanctuary. It is a place for us to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.  When we started here there was a very small yard with 3 trees and a few rotted out telephone poles full of mice.  Basically a blank slate for me to play with.  To learn more about The Yard explore this section of my website. 

The Soil Garden

Working with the soil makes me happy.  I enjoyed planting, weeding, harvesting and putting the garden to rest for the winter.  This section of the site will talk about what I have learned about gardening in Arlee Montana.

Modified Rain Gutter Gardening

Modified Rain Gutter Gardening is based on Larry Hall's ideas.  There is a group on Facebook where everyone shares their ideas, challenges and advice.  It is a great group.  If you are interested in this type of gardening check it out! 

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse is a central pivot point for the garden.  We start plants early , enjoy plants though out the season and it helps store plants for the winter.