Greenhouse - Solexx Walls

The solexx walls went up easy.  Some of our decisions included

  • Steel framing to avoid bugs in the wood and having to introduce paint etc into the greenhouse. 
  • A vent on the lower south facing wall
  • A vent high on the north facing wall.  Since we are on a hill this helps with ventilation.
  • A vent on the west wall with an auto opener for high temp situations.  In the summer I prop it open
  • A vent on the east end of the north wall that is temperature controlled.
  • In the summer we remove the north facing wall - for ventilation but we have a screen to keep out bugs
  • In the winter we insulate the north wall and run a sheet of plastic over it to help keep out the cold.
  • In the coldest part of winter we create an inner greenhouse which keeps the room a balmy 35° F