Modified Rain Gutter Gardening

Modified Rain Gutter Gardening Systems (MRGGS) are a great way to easily grow plants!  

How to make your own MRGGS

Dream Gardens

  • Slideshow of wonderful gardens with different styles
  • Different purposes of gardens

Considering Structure

  • What kind of containers can be used?
  • What is air pruning?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of rain gutters?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of PVC pipes?

It's All About the Base

  • Dirt - Peat Moss - Wicking - What?  
  • The Suppliments
    • Lime
    • Epsom Salt

Planning Plants & Pots

  • What sze of planters can I use?
  • How many plants can I have in one pot?
  • Companion Planting

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and More Bugs 

  • Good Bugs
  • Detering Bad Bugs
  • Fun Bugs

Fertilizing - Where are the bees?

  • What plants need help
  • How to help

Year Round Gardening?  - A Greenhouse!

  • Gardening on a Wall - 3" PVC
  • Ninja Monitors!