My History Rain Gutter Gardening

Rain Gutter Gardening was brought to my attention while exploring YouTube. They were designed and explained by Larry Hall I found the whole concept intriguing.  What is it?  It is a way to grow plants where the plants have all the nutrients and water they need.  The growth is pheanomial. In a nutshell it is...

  • Better for the plants - the plants have all the nutrients they need.
  • The plants can access water when they need it.
  • Easier weeding - a bit of mulch on the top of the pot and weeding is done. 
  • Easier Maintenance - the watering is done! It is possible to take a vacation!  Unheard of for most gardeners!
  • Conservation of Water - water is a major issue in western Montana.  By using PVC pipe instead of open gutters I save on the amount of water lost to evaporation.  I am not watering weeds in paths etc.  Less waste there too.


For the first year I explored this new system with strawberry buckets and a rain gutter.  Within a day I had mosquitos.  I ditched the gutter and went to drippers until I moved the plants into the greenhouse in the fall.  Throughout the winter I kept the strawberries on the rain gutter system and it was fantastic.  I did wind up with some algae and dead bugs in the water.  


PVC pipe seems to be the way to go.  Less water loss and easier to protect from mosquitos. Now that I have a plan I started exploring what other people were doing and found the Rain Gutter Gardening System group on Facebook.  It is a small world these days! It is a great group!  Everyone is very supportive and share their knowledge freely.  Plus most of them are into recycled gardening and using what they already have around.  I have learned a great deal there and highly recommend joining the group.  Unfortunately the information shared can be difficult to find again.  I have a few main goals for expanding the gardening section of my website.

  1. Ability to categorize and find the information I have found.
  2. Document my own garden and greenhouse progress.
  3. Put the information in an easily shared format. 

The outline for sharing information is this:

  1. Keywords for each post
  2. Use Drupal's FAQ FIELD module so I can add a few questions that would lead back to a page with text/pictures/videos.
  3. This structure will allow me to have several different ways to display the content.  People can search the menu as usual, do a keyword search or explore a video page.