In the beginning

The first memories I have of taking pictures is of using my step-father's camera.  It was an old camera, something similar to the Kodak Duraflex camera.  I was about 12. The magic of capturing a moment was just starting to intrigue me.  Film was expensive and I had horses to play with. 

When I was about 24 my sister Nanette, gave me a Canon AE1 Program film camera that was my constant companion for over 20 years. The best gift I have ever received. Unfortunately, it died when I fell on it during a ski trip in Yellowstone National Park, the year Nikon offered its D100 camera 2003. 

Digital photography has changed the way I take pictures, but there is a magic about film photography I miss.  I miss the excitement of waiting for film to be developed, to hold the images in my hand, to watch other people as they thumb through the images.   But the times change and we must adapt.  Digital photography has its joys as well.  In addition to being less expensive, I can use the images for so much more than I ever did my film images.

As a web designer and graphic artist I take pictures now of all types of fun things that could be used for backgrounds, textures and overlays.