Pots and Holes?

Root Bound Plants

Root bound plant Air pruning, a very interesting concept.  To understand why air pruning is so wonderful it is important to understand what happens to plants when they are put into pots.  They send roots to find out how much space they have to grow in.  The roots find the edge of the pot, and then start to grow in around and around the pot.  This is a root bound plant and growth suffers.

Air Pruning

Air pruning changes the way roots grow.  The roots go to the edge of the pot, they find an air hole and the tip of the root dies.  It cannot grow in air.  Side shoots start to grow out from the root filling the pot in a better way for the plant.  

So now we know what the challenge is the question becomes how to create the best air pruning for plants.  That is the question and it has been a blast watching the different ways people have been providing air pruning pots.

Air Pruning Basket


After drilling a few dozen holes and having sore wrists, I was looking for an alternative.  The dollar store clothes basket works like a champ.  The sides are a little weak but it seems to be holding up well.  For the record the tomato plant was in very sad shape.  It has been very happy in its new pot.

In 2014 I used plastic buckets without air holes.  This year I have added air holes and the plants are happier.  The growth is better and I am looking forward to the fall clean up so I can check on root growth.  

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