The Property

This is part of our 10 acres.

The plan is simple.  As we come home we are welcomed by the cherry flowers in the spring, the red cherries at harvest time and the sweet change of color in the fall. Once the trees get large enough I want to put solar lights in them to help with the magic of Christmas. The bulk of the orchard helps create distance between us on the neighbors to the east.

The north line is all cherries.  We have bears in the fall.  An electric fence keeps them out.  The cherries are not producing in the fall, so they do not tempt the animals across the fence.

Interested in how we made the map?  We used Google My Maps. We uploaded special icons for each type of fruit tree so we could visually see the orchard.  We also have the power lines, phone lines, fences etc.  It has been very helpful and when we decide to move on we can give the map to the next owners.