3" Gutter Gardening

The wall of green in the greenhouse is made of 3" pvc pipe and recycled milk and juice bottles.  Is it amazing how pretty recycled containers can be when there is a pattern involved! 


Spacing was set to the width of the bottles used.  7" gave me enough space to have the bottles help hold each other up and to give the plants room to grow.  This is the first year, so we will see what happens later in the season.

The East Garden

Planning the east garden was fun, ok, so planning all the gardens was fun.  When we come out of the east door of the house, there is a concrete deck we can sit on.  The ground slopes towards the porch.  I could imagine us sitting on the porch and looking back towards the yard.  I had the vision of the porch being the stage, and the flowers the audience.  It was a fun thought, so I played with it. 

East Rock Garden

The east side of the house has a small concrete patio, and then sloped downhill pretty rapidly.  The goal here was to make it feel like there was more space to stand without falling down the hillside.  The lower rock wall (called Rinard's wall) is over 2 feet thick.  It is designed to help hold some dirt back so we do not fall down the hill!  Most of the rock walls have wire and steel rod support to help them last longer.