3" Gutter Gardening

The wall of green in the greenhouse is made of 3" pvc pipe and recycled milk and juice bottles.  Is it amazing how pretty recycled containers can be when there is a pattern involved! 


Spacing was set to the width of the bottles used.  7" gave me enough space to have the bottles help hold each other up and to give the plants room to grow.  This is the first year, so we will see what happens later in the season.

Pit Greenhouse ~ Winter Decisions

Winter in Montana can be a very cold experience.  Karl and I were in San Diego, Calif. in Nov 2014 and the first cold snap of the season came unexpectedly.  It was a -17F and we were in San Diego, there was nothing I could do.  I had my inner greenhouse up and  a heater in the greenhouse.  But the power had gone off so the heater would not restart.  I just KNEW everything in the greehouse was  frozen solid.  I was amazed when I checked the greenhouse.  NOTHING had died!  My tomato tops had wilted back, but that was the worst of the damage.