Email Uploads

End Goal: Import content from several e-mail addresses utilizing cron.

Scope: To help other people understand how to create the connection between the feeds importer and Mailhandler Mailboxes.

There are two modules involved, for information on how to install them, please refer to their readme files.

  • Feeds
  • Mailhandler

There are four basic areas to understand and set up correctly

3" Gutter Gardening

The wall of green in the greenhouse is made of 3" pvc pipe and recycled milk and juice bottles.  Is it amazing how pretty recycled containers can be when there is a pattern involved! 


Spacing was set to the width of the bottles used.  7" gave me enough space to have the bottles help hold each other up and to give the plants room to grow.  This is the first year, so we will see what happens later in the season.

Chicken Tractor

We have added a few chickens to our family.  The grandchildren and I went down and purchased some chickens.  Each grand child was able to pick 2 chickens  Dallas chose Black Australorp, Marina chose 2 from the assorted chick bin.  Aiden wanted Partridge Rock and Autumn Black Star sex link.  Now since then they have all changed their minds on who wanted which chick.... but that is the list!  

The Property

This is part of our 10 acres.

The plan is simple.  As we come home we are welcomed by the cherry flowers in the spring, the red cherries at harvest time and the sweet change of color in the fall. Once the trees get large enough I want to put solar lights in them to help with the magic of Christmas. The bulk of the orchard helps create distance between us on the neighbors to the east.

Solar Dehydrator

2017 Report

The Solar Dehydrator is working as it should.  We remove the solar panel when not in use, which saves the solar panel and computer fans from wear.  So far this summer we have dried oregano, thyme, oregon pea pods, onions and now cherries.  People have asked for more details so we added a video to the website this year.  

Walkways and Paths

The Paths

We were new to the property and building as we needed.  The paths we would use were not defined yet.  And there was grass everywhere.  I decided to lay out the garden beds and live with them for a summer.  I could add a bit of plastic and some wood chips to give an idea of what space would be used and kill the grass underneath at the same time.  Plus, it would give my husband an idea of what was planned.  Rock walls are hard to move, and if we were to adjust them now was the time. 

The Long Shed

We toyed with calling this the Albatross, because it is 60 feet long.  The shed doubles as storage and privacy fence. We have a sauna at the southern end, a storage area for winter clothes, potting shed, freezer and the tractor on the north end.  The shed is level, the ground is not.  We did not have our tractor when we built the shed, so we decided to live with the dip in the yard. 

The East Garden

Planning the east garden was fun, ok, so planning all the gardens was fun.  When we come out of the east door of the house, there is a concrete deck we can sit on.  The ground slopes towards the porch.  I could imagine us sitting on the porch and looking back towards the yard.  I had the vision of the porch being the stage, and the flowers the audience.  It was a fun thought, so I played with it.