The Property

This is part of our 10 acres.

The plan is simple.  As we come home we are welcomed by the cherry flowers in the spring, the red cherries at harvest time and the sweet change of color in the fall. Once the trees get large enough I want to put solar lights in them to help with the magic of Christmas. The bulk of the orchard helps create distance between us on the neighbors to the east.

The Long Shed

We toyed with calling this the Albatross, because it is 60 feet long.  The shed doubles as storage and privacy fence. We have a sauna at the southern end, a storage area for winter clothes, potting shed, freezer and the tractor on the north end.  The shed is level, the ground is not.  We did not have our tractor when we built the shed, so we decided to live with the dip in the yard. 

The East Garden

Planning the east garden was fun, ok, so planning all the gardens was fun.  When we come out of the east door of the house, there is a concrete deck we can sit on.  The ground slopes towards the porch.  I could imagine us sitting on the porch and looking back towards the yard.  I had the vision of the porch being the stage, and the flowers the audience.  It was a fun thought, so I played with it. 

East Rock Garden

The east side of the house has a small concrete patio, and then sloped downhill pretty rapidly.  The goal here was to make it feel like there was more space to stand without falling down the hillside.  The lower rock wall (called Rinard's wall) is over 2 feet thick.  It is designed to help hold some dirt back so we do not fall down the hill!  Most of the rock walls have wire and steel rod support to help them last longer. 

Planning the Yard

I have been asked many times how the garden came to be, how did I plan it, what did I do?  I will try to explain it here. 

My husband used to laugh at me, sitting in an old blue chair in the yard sipping my tea.  I would sit there and plan a garden, build it up, then find the faults and start all over.  He would walk by saying "Now I know how Disneyland started" and we would laugh.