We toyed with calling this the Albatross, because it is 60 feet long.  The shed doubles as storage and privacy fence. We have a sauna at the southern end, a storage area for winter clothes, potting shed, freezer and the tractor on the north end.  The shed is level, the ground is not.  We did not have our tractor when we built the shed, so we decided to live with the dip in the yard. 

The challenge here was the sheer length of the shed.  Breaking the shed into ‘sections’ with climbing plants has helped.  Karl asked me to bring home some windows.  I bought home the two long windows and the triangle window for the sauna.  I wish I had a picture of his face when he saw the windows.  He was expecting regular windows.  He should have known better. 

This garden has 5 varieties of clematis climbing their way up the back wall.  on the far left is the wisteria plant I have babied for years.  It is surviving.  My hope is one day to have flowers. 

Between the trellis under the window, and the trellis with the blue sun on it, is a holly tree.  Another way to break the length apart.  The bed is filled with Asiatic lilies, giant allium bulbs and a few ground covers.  Dallas loves to run over and put his hands in the wooly creeping thyme and smell his hands. 

The rock walls were designed to be very casual  As a grandma’s back yard.  I worked to find rocks with moss and lichen on them.  It added an age to the wall.  That and the children walking on the edge has knocked a few rocks off.  The casualness of the wall, the casualness of the plantings lend a relaxed feel to the yard.



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