Before buying any property – we dreamed. We loved the court yards in the south west, and a court yard would help us create a protected zone for plants. Even though we stayed in Montana we kept our court yard dream.

The court yard has several named garden beds. The Garage Garden, Woodland Garden, Shaded Garden, and the Long Shed Garden.

There are several trees in the court yard.

Maple Trees: The largest are our maple trees. We brought them over from Karl’s house when we moved in. They were about 2 feet tall. Now they are well over 30 feet.

Staghorn Sumac: It is a traveler, so I do not know how long it will stay. What do I mean by a traveler? It likes to move and does best when the soil is disturbed allowing it to send up new shoots. After awhile the older limbs will die. Ours is quite tall and provides interest all year.

The leaves come out late in late June. This gives the flower bed below including our huge honeysuckle plenty of sun while it is blooming. Once the canopy is full the bed underneath is in complete shade. It has been interesting to watch how plants handle this situation. One honeysuckle loves it, one does not. I have not figured out why yet.

Court Yard Named Garden Beds 2021

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