West Garden 2021

West Garden

The path to our door starts in the west garden where curved rock walls provide visual seasonal interest for all seasons, especially winter. Winter lasts a long time in Montana. Our multi colored rock walls offer color and form as they peak out from under the snow. In warmer weather the Snow in Summer drapes gracefully over the rocks. The mounds of soft silver green plants softens the edge of the walls. It contrasts nicely with the periwinkle vines and their graceful purple early spring flowers. This garden needs to be deer resistant. Snow in summer, grape hyacinths, peonies, yucca, trumpet lily, false nettle, mungo pine and iris all work well together.

Now is the first decision. The rock wall is level, but toward the edge of the house it drops almost a foot. The tops of pine trees can be seen. For our home sits on the edge, the very edge of the hill. Where does this path go? What is that sound? Most of our visitors ask if they can go look…. the sound the Jocko River only entices the visitor more.

For those who travel on to our courtyard, the curved walkway tempts them to slow down and enjoy the journey our door. The wooden mirrored trellis draped with clematis is in sharp contrast to the soft curves of the rock wall. The scent of lavender drifts through the air as legs brush up against it. The evening sun lights up the potentilla flowers.

Again, this area needs to be deer proof. Lavender, clematis and Potentilla fruticosa ‘Pink Beauty’ fill the rock bed, spilling over into the path.

Design elements:

An explosion of purple! Clematis and lavender.
The evening sun lighting up a  Pink Beauty potentilla.
The evening sun lighting up a Pink Beauty potentilla.

West Garden Named Plants 2021

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