Our last frost day for 2021 was the day after Memorial Day, which is later than we have been experiencing. I had just moved my plants into the garden. I was not concerned, the low for the night was supposed to be 38. Plus the snow is off the heart, always a good indicator. The next morning my poor plants where flat on the ground. It was so sad. But, that’s life! So…. we replanted the summer squash and winter squash only to find out that the plants had not died, but they just were set back.

Then the never ending heat arrived. Weeks of 90 plus degrees and no rain. It felt like we were living in Arizona. Karl has been fantastic in keeping the garden and the orchard watered. The plants are growing but so slowly. It’s almost as if they are in wait mode. I find this strange. I have gardened in Arizona. Squash grows there as well and does not hesitate in the heat. The basil, usually a good 10 inches tall is barely 3 inches high. Even the basil under the tomato plants. The kohlrabi is about the same. The dill never came up. So odd…. then I watched Monty Don, an English gardener. He said this is such a strange year. We will take what we can and start planning for a different type of garden. In fact I already have the cattle panels.



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