Fire season this year has started early and the smoke is in the hazardous range so we have been inside way to much this summer. The gardens have more weeds than normal and I have not been able to maintain my thyme porch. But! The flowers are still blooming and look delightful from our kitchen window.

Long term goal is to have thyme in the front area behind the marigolds. They are in and growing, but still small. It will take a few years to fill in to be a ground cover. We do use lots of thyme in the winter and needed more plants to harvest.

The trumpet vine behind the cubes bloomed this year! We only had 2, but hey that’s 2 more than we had last year. 🙂 I was considering getting rid of it and planting something else in its spot. So the blooms probably saved its life.


  • If I plant marigolds in this area next year I will plant them along the back of the lower bed. The flowers would be right along the edge of the top layer of rocks. Then we will be able to see the thyme.
  • The day lilies by the sauna barely bloomed this year, which means they are to thick. Time to thin those out!
  • Move some of the snow in summer to the north of the pink potentilla to balance the look out.
  • Find time and energy to fix the rock wall.



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