What an odd year for the garden. We did not ease into summer, we had a cold spring and then HOT – and it stayed hot! Then the fires and no rain. Today is the first real rain I can remember this summer.

We pulled the garden early because of water issues. This time is usually reserved for processing all the garden produce. But we have already processed what we could. I feel like I should be doing something! So…. when Karl found a praying mantis it was time for a photoshoot!

Praying Mantis in Hydrangea – Sept 2021

It was not moving very much. I am wondering if it had laid its eggs and was getting ready to die? There is so much to learn about any creature and this one is no exception

Did you know?

  • There are over 2,400 species of Praying Mantis.
  • They do bite. I have not handled one long enough to experience a praying mantis bite.
  • It is the only known insect that can turn its head and look over it’s shoulder. This really freaks out my grandchildren.
  • Once they have some size they will eat larger insects like beetles, grasshoppers, crickets…



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