I knew this was going to happen. What to plan, when… and there is such a difference between the greenhouses. One is a walipini greenhouse and everything is in pots, the other is a cattle panel greenhouse and everything is in the ground.

I have extra space I could be using and am not. Plus, the grandchildren have children and are now interested in feeding their families veggies so I have more little mouths to feed. This little one loves tomatoes, strawberries, carrots… and anything else she can get her hands on. Our gardens have always been kid friendly. Yes, they walk through the rows and pull up plants. But that smile! Who could say no to that? Not this great grandma. But… back to the challenge of planning.

We will need more produce. Last year I planted to early in the walipini greenhouse. The plants were almost to big to transfer and it frosted the day after I moved plants outside. June 12th! So we built Marina’s Greenhouse (cattle panel also called a hoop house). Cold hardy plants were started in Marina’s Greenhouse (hoop) months ago. Lettuce, carrots, onions and tomatoes. So far they have made it just fine. We are eating the lettuce and replanting more today.

I have so many questions. Would squash (a warm loving plant) have do ok in the walipini? In the hoop house? Should we plant one squash just to see? The tomatoes did fantastic in the hoop house but getting them to grow was work.

2023 I think we’ll start some more peppers inside in pots in the walipini, tomatoes in the hoop house again and maybe a summer squash when it starts to get warmer just to test.

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