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Our Pit Greenhouse was a labor of love. We are in Zone 5 – in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Our winters can reach -40F, but usually bottom out at -20F. We experienced strength of a pit greenhouse when left for a quick trip to California late one fall. While we were gone the power went out and I knew everything in our greenhouse was probably done. I had set up an ‘inner’ greenhouse but I did not have high expectations.

When we came home the top 6″ of our tomato plants had frosted but the rest of the plant was fine. We have grown our winter greens for several years. During the first winter of COVID we had planned to be gone all winter. When we changed the plan, I pulled kale plants in from the garden that had frosted back. This time I added a third layer to keep them warm and lights. In a few weeks we had fresh leaves saving us from having to go to town.

This website offers a variety of information on projects we have tackled. Our last project was our cattle panel greenhouse – added just before winter in 2021. Spring of 2022 will be our first year. You will find it under the Project Menu.


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