Where Time Stands Still

Marvel at the beauty of Montana from our porch and then wander through our courtyard oasis, where every path tells a story and hints at hidden nooks just waiting to be discovered. It’s a space designed not just to enchant but to intrigue, inviting you to ponder the destinations of its five meandering trails.

Here in our courtyard, the magic begins with a step onto the winding paths, each one a promise of garden mysteries unfolding. As you meander, the rock edging guides you, a solid yet subtle boundary between the foot-worn trails and the lushness of the “up” garden. The vertical dance of clematis and honeysuckle against the backdrop of a sixty-foot shed transforms a simple walk into an exploration of vertical splendor.

Nestled within the blooms and greenery are homes for our winged visitors—bird boxes crafted with care, a melodic waterfall that echoes the distant river, and hummingbird feeders that are busy cafes in the sky. It’s a haven not just for plants, but for life in all its avian beauty.

The romance of the courtyard is cradled by the buildings that enclose it and the lilac hedges that breathe a fragrant privacy into the space. It’s an intimate world, a secret garden where conversations are hushed and the hustle of the outside world fades away.

Yet, this coziness contrasts with the grandeur just beyond. Step out onto our south-facing deck, and the intimate gives way to the immense. Your gaze sweeps over the Jocko Valley and grazes the Rockies, while the murmurs of the Jocko River whisper up to where you stand.

Our home is a tapestry of these contrasts—private yet expansive, enchanted yet wild. It’s a place where wildlife is a stone’s throw away, and every visit feels like a discovery. Join us in our courtyard, a starting point for both garden paths and stories yet to unfold.

The joy of gardening
False Nettle
Honeysuckle Vine