The Nest

Welcome to Our Nest

Initially, Karl and I sought a ready-to-live-in home, but destiny guided us 10 acres of land requiring our love and vision, which we transformed into “The Nest.” Our home sits on a bluff overlooking the Jocko Valley and Jocko River within the Rocky Mountains. It stands as a testament to our journey through life together. Together we planted, hauled and set rocks and planted trees, with the occasional help of friends and family. We have Sam’s corner, Evan’s wall, Dallas’ greenhouse, Marina’s greenhouse, Autumns wall and more. It’s not just a retreat for us but a nurturing haven for our friends and family.

The video below offers a taste of our journey.

Sharing Life

For a deeper dive into our world, explore the dedicated sections on greenhouses, projects, and photography. Each area offers a unique glimpse into our journey, blending nature’s beauty with our creative endeavors. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your own garden, interested in the intricacies of greenhouse cultivation, or simply wish to enjoy the visual storytelling of our photography, these sections await to enrich your experience and spark your imagination. We do not claim to be experts, we are sharing our journey as well as ideas that have worked (or not!) for us.