The Orchard: Nature’s Bounty Through the Seasons

Join Us on a Journey of Growth, Sustainability, and Community

Growing Together: A Community Effort

Our orchard isn’t just a labor of love; it’s a testament to community and collaboration. A partnership with a local school allowed us to expand our orchard affordably, turning their fruit tree fundraiser into a win-win situation. Over five years, we added trees at just $5 each, enriching our orchard’s diversity and supporting local education.

Strategic Spacing
The Secret to Our Orchard’s Health

In our orchard, every tree stands 20 feet from its neighbors, a decision that’s about more than just aesthetics. This strategic spacing is our frontline defense against pests, making it tougher for them to hop from one tree to another. It also simplifies maintenance tasks like pruning, ensuring each tree gets the care and attention it deserves. This careful planning enhances the overall health of our orchard, ensuring that our trees not only survive but thrive.

The Pioneers of Our Orchard’s Ecosystem

Our chickens do more than just provide eggs; they’re vital players in the orchard’s ecosystem. Their presence creates a natural cycle beneficial for both them and the trees. As they hunt for bugs, not only are they fed, but they also protect the trees from ant invasions and other pests, eliminating the need for chemical sprays. Their manure, in turn, fertilizes the soil, enriching it for the trees. This synergy between the chickens and the orchard underlines our commitment to sustainable, organic practices.

Harvest Sharing
Nourishing Our Community

With over 100 trees, our orchard produces more than we could ever consume. That’s why we share the abundance. From sharing fresh fruit  with our neighbors to dehydrating hundreds of pounds of cherries, apples, pears, and plums in our DIY Solar Dehydrator, we ensure this bounty benefits our entire community. This not only helps reduce food waste but also strengthens our local connections, spreading the joy and nutrition of our harvest far and wide.

Diverse Harvest
A Spectrum of Taste and Nutrition

Our orchard is a living library of taste and nutrition. From the sweet tang of apples and cherries to the crisp freshness of pears and plums, each tree adds its unique flavor to our harvest. Here’s a glimpse of our variety:

  1. Apples: Fuji, Gala, and more
  2. Cherries: Van Cherry, Montmorency
  3. Pears: Bartlett, Asian, Anjou
  4. Plums: Italian Prune, Green Gage, Stanley


Adding nuts like hazelnuts into the mix, we also ensure a balance of protein alongside the fruit. Keep an eye on us; our orchard is always growing, and you never know what we’ll plant next!