Crafting Our Shade Garden

A Tranquil Retreat Amidst the Maples

Pull up a hammock and relax with us in the shade garden, our cool escape during the sunny months. This spot is all about letting go and enjoying the peace. It’s carpeted with wood chips that lay the groundwork for a low-maintenance, high-comfort zone. We’ve got these towering maples where we string up hammocks and just float in the breeze, totally chilled out.

Seasonal Joys

Spring edges in with grape hyacinths framing the beds, their purple blooms peeking out like little surprises. When summer hits, the peonies take the spotlight with their showy blossoms. We’ve lined the paths with rocks—not just to add a pop of color when everything else is sleeping under the snow, but to keep you on track, so there’s no tripping over.

Hostas take up the north edge, thriving in the cool shadow the house casts. This isn’t just a garden; it’s a buffer, a space that softly separates the hustle of our working courtyard, where the tractor hums to and from the shed, from the stillness of this shaded haven. The rock pathway is the line between here and the more untamed woodland garden to the west, and the long garden to the east.  It is a gentle border that keeps the worlds distinct.

Time to Relax

Moments in Time ~ Shade Garden