East Garden

Navigating Nature’s Transitions

The transition from the intimate confines of the courtyard to the expansive East Garden is marked by a natural ‘wall’ of peonies, setting a tone of lush, floral elegance. This passage is not just a physical transition but an invitation into a different world. An arch, meticulously crafted between towering bush honeysuckles that will reach an impressive height of 25 feet, serves as the doorway. This archway, acting as a gateway, ushers visitors from the courtyard, guiding them into the verdant embrace of the garden beyond.

Herb-Lined Pathways

Upon stepping through the natural gateway, one is greeted by a pathway adorned with herbs—a fragrant carpet underfoot. Sweet grass, planted close to the house, and thyme, lining the edge of the east garden, create a sensory experience that delights with every step. This herbaceous walkway serves as the perfect transition, drawing a line between the cozy courtyard behind and the open spaces ahead, preparing visitors for the visual feast of the southern porch’s panoramic views.

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The journey culminates at the southern porch, a vantage point offering breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and overlooking the Jocko Valley below. Here, the garden’s design philosophy of blending intimate garden spaces with the grandeur of nature is fully realized. The porch is not just a place to sit; it’s a window to the vast, untamed beauty of Montana, where the distant sound of the Jocko River adds a serene soundtrack to the majestic landscape.

A View to the Mountains

The East Garden and its transition to the southern porch embody a symphony of natural beauty, carefully composed to harmonize intimate garden elegance with the awe-inspiring expanse of the natural world. This space is more than a garden; it’s a journey through nature’s varied landscapes, from the delicate beauty of peonies and the aromatic allure of herbs to the grand vistas of the Rocky Mountains. It serves as a reminder of the seamless connection between our crafted spaces and the wild beauty that surrounds us.

View from the deck

View of The Dancer from our porch.