West Garden Wonders

Stroll, Sense, and Savor
Designing with Resilience and Charm

Here’s a look at the west garden path that leads right up to our door. The curved rock walls are more than just a boundary; they bring a pop of color, no matter the season. When the snow blankets everything, these multicolored rocks still stand out. Come spring and summer, the ‘Snow in Summer’ plants cascade over these rocks, their silvery green softening the hard edges, while periwinkle vines add a splash of purple.

Deer Tough 

This garden’s has to be tough – deer tough – because they like to visit us as much as people do. That’s why we’ve got plants like Snow in Summer, grape hyacinths, peonies, yucca, trumpet lilies, false nettles, mungo pines, and irises. They can stand up to our deer friends and still look great.

Water’s Call: The Sound That Beckons

Now, as you walk along, the rock wall drops, and suddenly, it’s like you’re on the edge of the world. The tops of pine trees peek up, and below? That’s where the Jocko River runs. It’s always a guess for first-timers – where does this path go? What’s that sound? Almost everyone wants to take a closer look. That river sound just pulls you in.

The Magic of light

If you decide to head toward the courtyard, take it slow. Enjoy it. Notice the wooden trellis with clematis vines that bring a touch of drama against the rock wall’s soft curves. Brush past the lavender; let its scent follow you as you walk. And if the sun’s setting, watch how it lights up the Potentilla blooms like little yellow spotlights.

We’ve made sure everything here is deer-proof. Lavender, clematis, and ‘Pink Beauty’ Potentilla fill the beds, spilling over a bit into the path – a small invitation to watch your step and take in the full experience.