The Long Shed

The Long Shed Garden

Nestled beside the striking structure of “The Long Shed,” which unfolds its charm over a 40-foot expanse. This space is a way to explore nature’s vertical spectacle, where climbers like clematis, climbing honeysuckle, and wisteria can transform a mere wall into a canvas of lush textures and colors. Each vine, with its distinct character—from the dark, rich tapestry woven by wisteria vines to the delicate and airy vines of the honeysuckle—offers texture and color through the summer.

A Tapestry of Color at Your Feet

The garden’s allure doesn’t stop at eye level. Descending to the ground, a colorful mix of roses, anemones, peonies, and late-summer black-eyed Susans fills the lower tier. This layering not only adds depth to the garden’s design but also ensures a continuous bloom narrative from the early whispers of spring to the last echoes of summer warmth.

The Early Bloomers

As the season awakens, the garden’s edges come alive with the vibrant hues of grape hyacinths, painting a vivid border along the rocky outlines. It is joined by the classic beauty of tulips and the cheerful nodding heads of a few daffodils.

White Harmony in the Garden

Adjacent to the Long Shed Garden, the display of white hydrangeas offers a striking visual contrast. This area showcases a simpler, yet elegant palette with snow-in-summer and white anemone flowers contributing to a cohesive look. Creeping thyme and pansies edge the space, adding texture and pops of color, while peonies and honeysuckle border the garden, providing structure and a touch of fragrance. This section emphasizes a straightforward approach to garden design, focusing on color coordination and plant variety to create a visually appealing and low-maintenance garden space.