The Woodland Garden

Embracing the Dappled Light
Beneath the Maples

Tucked beneath the stretch of tall maples and the wide arms of staghorn sumac, our Woodland Garden is a living mosaic of shadow and light. The sumac’s late-spring leaves allow the garden to soak up the gentle early sun before granting cooling shade just as the summer’s heat arrives. It’s a natural retreat that’s as untamed as it is vibrant.

Nature’s Corner

Here, the rocks border the beds like a rugged embrace, continuing the theme that runs through our outdoor spaces. The path edged with these same stones marks the garden’s eastern edge, a natural guide from the tranquility of shade into the embrace of woodland whispers.

Our Woodland Garden wakes up with the rest of the world, bursting into color with grape hyacinths, tulips, and peonies. It’s a place where early blooms set the stage for a later act, as late-summer flowers thread through the green tapestry left by spring’s show. Along the north, ninebark plants stand guard, their layered foliage adding depth and a final flourish to this wild, wonderful corner of our world.

It’s more than a garden; it’s a celebration of life’s natural ebb and flow, where each plant’s moment in the sun is as fleeting as it is beautiful. Join us in this dance of light and growth, and see for yourself how the Woodland Garden comes alive.