Garage Garden Chronicles

From the First Bloom
to the Summer’s Lush Retreat

Nestled snugly by the garage, this little patch of paradise is the toastiest nook in our courtyard, waking up from winter’s slumber before any other garden. It’s the spotlight stage for our first spring performers, where tulips and daffodils jostle for the sun’s early affections. Tucked in their midst, an old-fashioned bleeding heart quietly unveils its delicate blooms.

Where Tulips Lead and Tanagers Follow

As the seasons shift, this sunny spot transforms. The wild  currant bush becomes a beacon for western tanager birds, its berries a tart treasure trove. And when the tulips bow out, the peonies rise, providing cool relief against the garage wall and a living trellis for a cascade of clematis.

The Garage Garden’s Second Act

This garden may be small, but it’s a tale of timely transformation: from the bright heralds of spring to the subtle allure of summer. It’s a reminder that even the smallest spaces can host a grand parade of nature’s cycles. Join us in celebrating the unfolding of each season in the garage garden, our courtyard’s own early riser.

Moments in Time