Designing the East Garden

Transforming Ideas into a Verdant Landscape

Our kitchen window looks out onto the garden.  We walk this path daily so this is an important garden for us.  We love how it turned out!

Transforming Ideas into a Verdant Landscape

Embarking on the East Garden’s planning journey was a highlight, a process filled with creativity and anticipation. The unique perspective from our house’s east-facing concrete deck, which sits downhill from the garden, offered an intriguing premise. Imagining the porch as a stage with the garden as its audience led to a playful and engaging design philosophy. This vision aimed to create a garden that could be admired from below, with the layers of plantings rising up like an amphitheater of greenery.

A Garden of Tiers

The garden’s structure was inspired by the natural slope of the terrain, organized in tiers to enhance the visual drama from the porch. The foundational tier features robust ground covers like oregano and child-friendly pansies, adding color and texture at ground level. The challenge of integrating clematis as ground cover in the presence of pine needles was met with mixed results, leading to an experimental blend of aesthetics and horticulture that highlights resilience and beauty in diversity.

Dramatic Climbers and Seasonal Textures

The trumpet vine (seen behind the art work on the trellis)  will take a leading role in adding vertical drama and vibrant color to the garden’s backdrop. Alongside additional climbers like another clematis variety, these plants will contribute height, depth, and dynamic growth patterns that capture the eye and heart. The trumpet vine, in particular, stands out for its vigorous growth and stunning flowers, which will add a fiery splash against the garden’s green canvas and continue to thrive, providing a lively contrast to the tranquil setting.