Greenhouse Decisions

I decided to explore greenhouses. Dallas and Aiden, my grandsons, also love to garden. Together we have tried starting plants in the house.  It was not successful.  We tried keeping them in the house, but I cannot be around them all day.  I seem to have some kind of allergy to the mold.  So I figured we could put them in the office, which is out of the house, and I would not be with them 24 hours a day.  Didn't help.  So we need a place to play.

What kind of greenhouse?

Covered Raised Beds

Covered raised beds are fun to play with. But it would be nice to have something more. I'd like to have a place to enjoy plants when it is winter time. We have a few that I cover, but Dallas and I are looking for something more.

With the kids it's hard to get in and out when it is cold without damaging the plants.  They help to extend the growing season and we are using them.  But we needed more...

A Hoop Greenhouse

We have to much wind around here.  The neighbors have a wonderful commercial hoop greenhouse - they have lost it several times to wind.  The plastic tears, the wind actually blew a smaller one across the property.  Plus a hoop house is not really useable in the winter.

Pit Greenhouse

I read this great article on pit greenhouses in January a few years ago.  I have a back-hoe and the land so I dug a pit and covered it like the picture of the covered raised beds above.  About three a half feet wide, 8 feet long and 4 feet deep.  It was wonderful. 

Dallas and I had some cucumbers we had started in the house, and they were taking over the house.  So we moved them out to the pit.  It was a scary time.  What if they froze?  Dallas and Aiden would not be happy.  Telling small children (they were 2 and 4 at the time) that I killed their plants would not be fun. 

It snowed.

We checked the plants and they were fine.  They bloomed and produced a cucumber in March.  This worked.  But I kept having to fight the wind.